Attorney General and Seacoast Hospitals Disagree Over Proposed Affiliation more.

To the residents of the NH Seacoast

Recently the Chairs of the Boards of Trustees for Exeter Health Resources and Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, William Schleyer and Carol Bailey, reaffirmed our commitment to move forward with our planned affiliation in an Op-Ed piece in the local Sunday papers stating :

“With all that is threatening the future of community-based health care, our boards have concluded that our proposed affiliation is the best way to ensure the Seacoast Region continues to enjoy access to high-quality health care.”

And they added that:

“It is our duty to the community as members of our respective Boards of Trustees that compels us to see this affiliation through to a successful conclusion….our commitment remains to try to find a way to make this affiliation work for the betterment of our Seacoast residents today and for generations to come.”

We believe this proposed affiliation is critical to Exeter Hospital’s ability to continue to meet its mission in the future.  Failure to move forward with this affiliation will have negative repercussions on the long-term access to health care services on the Seacoast and will dramatically ignore the documented strong preference of Seacoast residents who want this affiliation to move forward and who see Massachusetts General Hospital as their strong preference for highly specialized care.

The importance of this affiliation cannot be understated.  The opportunity to add significant new clinical, programmatic, and specialty care services, as well as the substantial new investments we proposed in behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment are all critically needed and are all dependent on working with the State to find a mutually acceptable path forward. It is critical we work together to find a path forward for the sake of our patients, our organizations and the sustainability of advanced healthcare services in Greater Seacoast Region for generations to come.

As volunteer leaders, friends and community partners encourage you to add your voice of support to this important initiative.  Please send your own letter of support to Seacoast Media Group or contact the Governor and/or your local legislators and let them know how important it is to you that this affiliation and all of the benefits it brings to Seacoast patients be allowed to move forward.To read the full text of the op-ed, click here.
Just sending a simple email saying you “Strongly support the affiliation of Exeter Hospital with Wentworth-Douglass and Massachusetts General Hospital” can make a difference.
Thank you for your continued support and engagement.  Please consider adding your voice of support.

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Wentworth- Douglass Hospital, Dover, N.H.

Grateful patient Allison Yeagle with Dr. Fidias,  Medical Director of Oncology & Hematology, Exeter Hospital Center for Cancer Care

Grateful patient Allison Yeagle with Dr. Panos Fidias, Medical Director of Oncology & Hematology, Exeter Hospital Center for Cancer Care.


Exeter Hospital, Exeter, N.H.

Grateful patient Bob Benoit, with left- Dr. Proulx Medical Director Radiation Oncology and right Dr. Fidias,  Medical Director of Oncology & Hematology, Exeter Hospital Center for Cancer Care

Peter Hedberg, MD, Mass General Surgeon & Wentworth-Douglass Medical Director for Trauma Care with emergency department nurse Coleen Pelletier, RN and Lukas Kolm, MD, Medical Director of Emergency Services (WDH)

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA